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Chapter 1: Attributes

In Nocturnal each character has eight attributes. A ninth attribute that only some characters have if they are a magic user. There are four physical and four mental attributes.

What are Attributes?

Attributes, in short, are the essence of a characters being. They are an abstract representation of his physical and mental capabilities. Attributes come into play when determining a character's limit and his ability to perform tasks untrained.

The Attributes

Physical Attributes
Strength detnotes what a characters muscles are capable of. Strength is somewhat governed by the size of a character depending on their race. While a five-foot-tall Dwarf may have a strength of 10, a five-foot-tall human is unlikely to have a strength of 10.
Endurance determines how much stress a character's body can sustain. This includes things like disease and poison as well as combat damage and other outside influences.
Dexterity represents a character's hand-eye coordination, and flexibility.
Agility represents a character's balance, movement, and reflexes.

Mental Attributes
Intelligence shows a character's perceptual and analytical abilities, memorizing ability and raw brain power. It etermines how fast a character can learn, adapt, or remember.
Will keeps a character going no matter what the odds. It is their raw mental fortitude. Will enables a character to keep rein on his emotions when they are certainly going to get in the way.
Intuition is that spark within a character that allows him to connect with the world around him on a level that is beyond comprehension.
Charisma is representation of many things. It is most certainly not a representation of how beautiful a character is. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder... Charisma is a representation of a character's self-confidence, his people skills, aura, and self-image.


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