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The World

The Rules
    Glossary of Terms
    Game Rules
      Game Basics
      Chapter 1: Attributes
      Chapter 2: Races
      Chapter 3: Skills
      Chapter 4: Special Abilities
      Chapter 5: Weaknesses
      Chapter 6: Description
      Chapter 7: Equipment
      Chapter 8: Combat
      Chapter 9: Magic
      Chapter 10: Adventuring
    Game Master Additions

Creature Guide

Other Resources
    Essays and Short Stories
    Character Sheets
    Helpful Tables
    Dice Program

The Nocturnal Rulebook

These pages contain the complete rules for playing a game in the world of Nocturnal. Not only are these rules designed for this world, but they should be easily extensible for any type of game you wish to play.

Table of Contents

  • Game Basics - A brief look at game play within the Nocturnal rules system. Brief examples of skill use, combat, and other core parts of the rules system.
  • Introduction - An introduction into the world of Nocturnal.
  • Chapter 1 - Attributes: What are they and what can they do for you?
  • Chapter 2 - Races: The many people of the Nocturnal world and how they compare to one another.
  • Chapter 3 - Skills: Why would I even want to bother with these things called skills?
  • Chapter 4 - Special Abilities: Nifty things that can give your character that edge he needs to survive!
  • Chapter 5 - Weaknesses: Things to make your character fun for the GM!
  • Chapter 6 - Description: How to describe all those nifty things about your character; his background, personality, how he looks, what his favourite tavern is, where he grew up, etc...
  • Chapter 7 - Equipment: All about those lovely implements your character can use to further his career in adventuring.
  • Chapter 8 - Combat: How to kill things.
  • Chapter 9 - Magic: How'd he do that?
  • Chapter 10 - Advernturing: Just what is this gig all about?
  • Index - A quick and easy way to find what you're looking for.


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