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The World

The Rules
    Glossary of Terms
    Game Rules
      Game Basics
      Chapter 1: Attributes
      Chapter 2: Races
      Chapter 3: Skills
       -Skill Summary
       -How Skills Work
       -Learning Skills
       -Using Skills
       -Skill Descriptions
      Chapter 4: Special Abilities
      Chapter 5: Weaknesses
      Chapter 6: Character Description
      Chapter 7: Equipment
      Chapter 8: Combat
      Chapter 9: Magic
      Chapter 10: Adventuring
    Game Master Additions

Creature Guide

Other Resources
    Essays and Short Stories
    Character Sheets
    Helpful Tables
    Dice Program

What is Nocturnal?

Welcome to the Nocturnal Universe! Nocturnal is being developed as gaming universe as well as a mostly independant rules system. The past several years have seen several revisions of both and we hope that now we've found something that is quite extraordinary. Please, take a look through these webpages and have fun with the game!

Design Team

Josh Howard - Co-creator
Adam Brown - Co-creator

Right now we are both working towards ironing out the rules system in hopes that we can get it to a viable play-testing stage within the next month or two.


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